Are you feeling low and completely blank about future after your Breakup? Is your vision not clear about how to give yourself a makeover after a break up?

I know how it feels when our loved ones leave us apart and move ahead in their lives. Don’t worry my dear friend, in this article I am going to discuss few things about how to improve yourself after a breakup?

Before getting into the topic let me share something about my personal life experience:

I am 23 Year old guy, who loves to write a lot and spend lot of time on internet researching something or the other. I had a girlfriend with whom I spent 6 long years and decided to marry her.

We cared for each other a lot. I used to travel once in a while to her place (Approx 500 Km) only to meet her for 1 hour in the whole month. But, here comes the twist!! One fine day, my lady got a job and she has moved on with new lifestyle. She has simply left me a text saying that she wants to live her life as a free bird.

It took me many months to recover from that situation (still have pain) and get back on to work. I was all of a sudden dumb stuck and dint know how to respond for the situation. But, I have tried giving myself a makeover after breakup which I am sharing with you below.


Let’s discuss on how to give yourself a makeover after a break up?

Giving a makeover in this context doesn’t mean giving a new style to your external appearance but also to re-evaluate your life and bounce back as stronger, healthy and happiest person.

Tips on How to improve yourself after a breakup?

Counseling: Firstly, if you are in deep phase of depression and your vision towards future is blur, I recommend you to get counseling from the experts. In the initial phase, if you neglect this, it would give an adverse effect in the long run.

counseling for self esteem

Spend time with friends: Once you are done with the counseling, try to spend time with your friends or relocate for some days to the place you’d love to visit. After a week or two get back to your place and start making a schedule. Try to spend time with the friends who have a high sense of humour, this makes you get out of depression soon.

spend time with friends

Try to change the ambience around you. Ambience around us also has effect on our way of thinking.

Make a schedule: In your schedule make sure that, you would do the things you love, in the first place. For example, when I was broken I had started reading few books of my interest, started writing for 3-4 hours a day whatever I can. Because, reading books and writing made me lose myself.

work schedule I was focussing only on the things I love because, you would pour in all your energy in the things your passionate about and this is the phase you can create wonders with efforts put in by you.

When you focus all your energy on one thing trust me, nobody in this world can stop you from achieving what you aspire for.

Can you believe that, the article you are reading is written by a person who don’t even know proper English in the past? Yes, you are right!! I was poor in framing my sentences and hardly knew how to write an appealing content. But now, I am able to convey my emotions and interact with people through my writing.

Earlier My English sentence was like : I like cooking my family and pets

After reading the sentence my English teacher said Don’t be a psycho, use commas 😛

I don’t say that I am a good writer now, but I was able to improve myself from a phase where I hardly knew how to write to a phase where I am able to convey my emotions to you. If I was able to transform, so you Can!!

  • Make yourself Busy: So, make yourself busy with whatever you can at least for a month. I have mentioned a month because, according to biological calendar, if you practise anything for 21 days, your mind gets used to it from the 22nd

    Initially, when I have taken up this challenge, I was completely distracted with the past thoughts. But, try focussing for 10 minutes in the first day, next day increase to another ten minutes and like this try to focus as long hours as you can.

    I am sure, that you would find changes within two to three weeks and your distractions are kept to a minimum level.

  • Exercise: The very next important thing you need to focus is, your physique.It is one of the important points on “how to give yourself a makeover after a break up”. Try to go to gym everyday so that you remain fit and active throughout your day. As per studies, a person who is fit and healthy has a high self-esteem.

benefits of exercise

High self-esteem is required for any person to have right perception towards life. One of the best things about having a high self-esteem is that, you do not fear uncertainty and ultimately it excites you to think about positive outcomes.

For more information read: Benefits of having Good Self Esteem

  • Listen to your heart: Don’t give a damn thing about what others think about you. You look gorgeous, loveable, smart and capable as the way you are. There is no need to focus on beauty tips and changing the external appearance all of a sudden.
  • Be what you are: Try to wear only those clothes which suits you. Don’t pick the ones for the sake of others which make you feel uncomfortable.

If you are still emotionally breakdown, try to figure out what you need emotionally so that you can reinvent yourself. Try to figure out the mistakes in the past and change your perception towards the things. I have tried this personally and it worked for me.

My dear friend, there is always a life beyond the Breakup. Don’t get depressed with what happened in the present.

On a final note, I feel that you would implement the tips discussed above and see a change in your life. Even after going through few tips provided on how to give yourself a makeover after a break up? If you still need something to be put on in the content do let me know in the comments section below.

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